What is pCellpWave Mini

pWave Mini

The world’s smallest and highest performance 5G LTE base station

50x LTE Spectral Efficiency
5G LTE and Fixed Wireless
Rapid, permit-free deployment

Indoors, Outdoors. Visible, Hidden.

Any density, any bandwidth, any protocol.

pWave Daisy-Chains can be deployed wherever cables are deployed.

Typically permit-free.

Rapid, high-density deployment.

5G-class blanket coverage.

pWave Mini Tech Specs (beta)

Frequency-agile: 600 MHz to 6 GHz

Bandwidth: 50 MHz per pWave: combinable, aggregatable

Power output: 100mW average

Spectral Efficiency: 85 bps/Hz per 1m2 at 1.9 GHz

Current Protocols: LTE, NLOS Fixed Wireless, Wi-Fi

Future Protocols: IoT, 3D Positioning, Wireless power

Network: Gigabit PoE+

Size: 15x15x76mm

Powered by: pCell Edge Software-Defined Radio

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pCell isn't just LTE

Each pCell supports a different protocol to each device in the same spectrum concurrently. pWave Minis support multiple current and future protocols at once.

For example, the same pWave Mini deployment will concurrently support 5G-class LTE devices and Fixed Wireless CPEs in the same spectrum. In the future the same pWave Minis will also support IoT, precise 3D positioning and wireless power protocols in the same spectrum. Or in any band from 600 MHz to 6 GHz.

All that is required are software updates to pCell Edge Software-Defined Radio servers.

Wireless Reinvented.
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